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Seeing beyond obstacles
She's going to listen more, because she has to rely upon her hearing rather than her sight.” Robin Casto, who was Sierra's fourth grade teacher, said she … Her aid was there to help her with things,” Casto said. “Sometimes I would get confused with …
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Farewell reception for Greig, TV cricket's larger-than-life uncle
Suave and urbane, he'd charm all the mums and probably take one for the team by sitting next to an old dear with a hearing aid. He wouldn't breathe a word of what had happened on the stag night, nor use any bad language: in fact, his exclamations seem …
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Mistrial in Hawaii for US agent accused of murder
Ahn set a hearing for Friday to determine a date for a new trial, after mentioning possibilities next spring. "Mr. Deedy does need to go back home and … A bystander's cellphone video showed Deedy trying to render aid to Elderts. Those images were …
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