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Harrisburg Mayor Remembers Leap Day Tornado
29, a tornado swept through Harrisburg. Lives were lost, homes and businesses were destroyed. Harrisburg Mayor Eric Gregg remembers the day before the storm, hearing the weather reports, and not being concerned because of the belief long held by many …
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AP Interview: Nixon says no budget cuts for month
Nixon says he's hearing from experts that cuts won't hit state government immediately because the federal budget is funded through March 27. Big program like Medicaid and food stamps won't be affected. But Nixon says he's concerned about cuts to home …
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Cruz's Tactics Boil Washington, But Impress Texas
His sharp questioning of Defense Secretary-nominee Chuck Hagel during his confirmation hearing – and public challenges to Hagel's integrity- drew a sharp rebuke from Democrats and even a Republican. In pressing for more documents about Hagel's …
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