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Schools to Face Contract Revamps
The daunting prospect of revamping contracts drew objections from representatives of school boards, and union leaders said they were loath to see any greater reliance on test scores in rating teachers. Ken Wagner, senior … “We have serious concerns …
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Cochlear Implants May Improve More Than Seniors' Hearing
Hearing aids. These are expensive (sometimes more than $ 1000), but most patients can test the device before buying and get a refund if they aren't satisfied. Cosmetically appealing hearing aids that are miniature or hidden inside the ear canal tend to …

Mary DuGarm
She worked as the town librarian in Shoreham, Vt., and as a medical secretary in Montpelier, Vt. She often told how the little old ladies would come into the office and request that she test their hearing aid batteries and put them into three piles …
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