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Lindsay Lohan plans to spend New Year's Eve in
This year alone, the Mean Girls actress has been consistently in the headlines for jewelry theft, being put on probation, serving community service, being in a car accident, allegedly assaulting a political aid, bailing on a massive hotel bill, lying …

AID calls for a safer society for women
Cambridge, Massachusetts: Association for India's Development (AID), a US-based organization of Indians has called the civil society and the government to “work in earnest to make the home and public places safer for all women.” … the plight of …

Dr. Frank Bures: Woman can't overcome unusual addiction to lotion
She called a few weeks later saying she was still very red and itchy. Because her hearing aid was caterwauling in the phone (bleep, squeak, squawk), I said I would pedal over to their house, not far from the clinic. She was as bad, if not worse, than …
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