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Year of Progress Pockmarked With Disasters and Missteps
The governors of New Jersey and New York asked for close to $ 80 billion in federal aid. … President Obama, who took a break from campaigning , traveled to New Jersey to assess the damage, comfort victims and pledge federal aid. Gov. …. After an …
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Court to challenge Jamaica TV stations ban on pro-gay ads
During the first hearing on 12 December the court assigned three judges for the constitutional case and marked the next formal hearing to take place from 27 to the 31 of May, 2013. It is the first time that a case between two 'private' individuals has …
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George Osborne grilled by MPs on Autumn Statement: live
15.54 Earlier in the hearing, Mr Osborne said to the committee he would think twice about restructuring the Royal Bank of Scotland into a 'good bank' and 'bad bank'. … 15.21 Asked whether the UK being downgraded from its AAA credit rating, Mr Osborne …

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