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The Hunt for an Affordable Hearing Aid
I rang the doorbell, located discreetly inside an eyeglass shop, and an older man beckoned me to a small, windowless room with wood-paneled walls and shelves filled with odds and ends of the trade: hearing aid boxes, batteries, replacement parts …
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'I need N5.38m for hearing aids, ear surgery'
Unlike hearing aids, it does the work of damaged parts of the inner ear (cochlear) to send signals to the brain. It also transforms speech and other sounds into electrical energy that is used to stimulate the hearing nerve in the inner ear. “It also …
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Local doctor, business leader help kids in China hear again
While there he told people about the life-changing trips he makes to remote parts of the world on behalf of the Starkey Foundation, which donates hearing aids to people in need. During that audiology department tour, Dr. Susan Pearson, an ear, nose and …
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