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Hearing aids may lead to better balance
Hearing aids do more than help older adults hear what's going on around them. A new small study suggests they may also improve balance. The research shows that patients with hearing aids in both ears perform better on standard balance tests when their …
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Beltone releases iPhone-compatible hearing aid
Today, she sings along to music no one else is hearing. Brydges has a 50 percent hearing loss, but with a tap on her iPhone, she can stream music straight to her ears with the help of her Beltone First hearing aids. The top-of-the-line hearing aid is …
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Hearing aids may improve balance
Timothy Hullar, MD, (right) and medical student Miranda Colletta help patient Audrey Miller prepare for a balance test. Older adults with hearing loss appeared to perform better on balance tests with both hearing aids on, according to Hullar's research.
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