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5 TCPA Lawsuits Of Note In 2014
The lead plaintiff, Robert Zani, filed a lawsuit under the TCPA against Rite Aid Corp., alleging the company made unauthorized calls using autodialing systems in a nonemergency situation to his cellphone. Zani alleged the company placed numerous …
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/We Have Healthy Eating Options
If your goal is to eat healthy don't skip eating out! We have many healthy eating options on our menu. Choose from the below delicious items: 8 Grilled Nuggets—-140 Calories—-3 Grams Fat. Grilled Chick Sandwich—320 Calories—5 G Fat. Med …
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The Bristol Dad who can never hear the sound of silence
Rob still pursues his love of music, but these days wears in-ear-filters to use when exposed to loud music at gigs or in loud bars. His advice to anyone attending anywhere subject to high noise levels to protect their … Minerva Hearing, which …
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