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Wisconsin's license was rigorous process
After that, you take a complete hearing aid fitting exam on a patient you have to bring with you. They watch you inspect the ear, prescribe a solution to the loss (hearing aid) and complete a perfect mold-making process. Any mistake or left out …

Michigan in Color: My mother's language
The hooves' deathly cadence drumming in your ears. A water-propelled cooler throws cold air across your face. The breeze caresses still limbs as your grandfather enters the room. He asks what's in your hands and when you show him, you can't help but …
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Caryn M. Sullivan: A Peruvian adventure
The team arrived with hundreds of quality hearing aids of varying power levels to be fitted with personalized molds. Every one of us had at least one job. On each of the four mornings we … Some of the mission sponsors are professionals who fit their …
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