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Student's science fair project helps hearing aid wearers
Toy bugs, an eighth grade Minnesota boy, and a school science project. Put the three together and you get a combination that's already being used to save hearing aid wearers big bucks. When you think scientist or major medical discovery, a 14-year-old …
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Apple wants to make iPhone work better with hearing aids
This new hearing aid technology described in the patent could be implemented in a portable audio device, like the iPhone, in order to detect if the user has a hearing aid and then automatically adjust the audio signal so you don't have to fumble with …
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Johns Hopkins startup helps seniors hear at a low cost
BALTIMORE — As many as two-thirds of older adults will experience hearing loss, but many won't do anything about it, says Dr. Carrie Nieman, a resident at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. For some, hearing aids are too expensive and …
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