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Ignoring new global trend of M&A as antidote to crisis
Nigerian and indeed African airlines which had for a long time, not appreciated the trend of mergers and acquisition are missing out on the benefits of such trend. Stakeholders say the problem in the sector may skyrocket if they fail to align with …
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First lady Michelle Obama to begin pushing water
“We're working hard to make this work like a product launch, emphasizing the emotional appeal often associated with successful brands, instead of a public health campaign,” he said, adding that he hopes the tagline “drink up” will become the “near …
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WISCONSIN NEWS ROUNDUP: Political leaders blaming each other about
The safety-versus-freedom issue came up again yesterday, when a state Senate committee held a public hearing on legalizing the sale of raw milk in Wisconsin. Both sides spent hours making their cases for and against … Soler says about two dozen …
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