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But do you really need that new phone?
As a basic consumer, I look for phone generals — decent camera, user-friendly operating system and a battery that won't die after half a day of light use. I don't use most of the default programs already installed. In fact, I deactivate them so they …
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Measurement, NFL style
All week, we've been hearing about how the air pressure inside a football is required to be 12.5 psi to 13.5 psi above ambient pressure. But, let's look at "Deflate-gate" from a measurement perspective. Everyone in the sports media is assuming that the …
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Attacking Ebola mathematically
We've all been hearing daily about the frightening outbreak of Ebola in the news. I recently found an interesting article about the Wolfram Language and Mathematica that were recently used to create a hypothetical computer model of the virus's possible …
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