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Democracy Aid at 25: Time to Choose
Since the late 1980s, democracy aid has evolved from a specialized niche into a substantial, well-institutionalized domain that affects political developments in almost every corner of the globe. A quarter-century ago, the field was thinly populated …
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Hogan, Brown set bipartisan tone at Assembly opening
Moon said he also intended to fight cuts in state aid to the county's schools and to work toward finding alternatives to prison for nonviolent offenders. While some veteran lawmakers … I believe a lot of people are hearing him." But Taylor saw …
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Re K and H (Children – unrepresented father – cross-examination of child
The judge reminded himself that although s.10 of LASPO provided a discretion to grant legal aid on an exceptional case basis, the usual means and merits test still applied (R (on the application of Gudanaviciene & ors) v The Director of Legal Aid …
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