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Image by sebastien.barre
(damn reflections). I donated this popular panorama to Art for AIDS Sake 11. Lots of bids, hope it brought some good money to the Albany Damien Center. It was shot from the top of the Central Warehouse, which was on fire a few days before the fundraiser. Coincidences…

You can make your own from the original photo. It’s a huge 9390 x 3045 file and you can print it big for your own use. Note that you can’t do that for all photos on Flickr, you might want to ask first. I, for one, think that if you want to print my photos for your *home*, then go for it. Even if you can do it, you can also support a photographer by asking him to print and frame it for you; he is familiar with the photo, chances are he has done it numerous times, and in any case it should be in his best interest to give you the best product. I prefer to offer both options.

For transparency, here are the costs.

First, get the file while it lasts πŸ™‚ That’s free. Go to the photo page; in the "Actions" menu select "View All Sizes", then click on "Original" on the right, then "Download the Original size of this photo".

The frame itself is about 41" by 17" and fits a 36" by 12" photo or mat. Any frame that can fit 36" x 12" will do, that’s the aspect ratio of the original panorama (3:1). I bought it 40% off at Michaels for around . Frames are on sale pretty often.

The print is rather large and was done by a local print shop I’m really happy with, McGreevy ProLabs. Since a 36" by 12" was the same price as a 36" by 24" on their Chromira printer (they have to print the whole sheet), I decided to print two at the same time on the same sheet, for about . I’m sure I can use the second print for a frame at home. You don’t have to print that big, remember that a 3:1 photo like this panorama fits in any multiple of the rather common 3:2 print format.

I had them mount/glue the photo on a gatorfoam board to avoid any bending, that was another , but you could skip this step if you are on a budget. I will try without for the second photo and update this caption one day.

B and I tried to custom-make the white mat around the photo (thanks for your help, B), and we failed miserably πŸ™‚ I ended up ordering a custom mat later on, 36" by 11.75" with a 34.5" by 10.25" opening, for at Michaels. I’m pretty sure I could get it for cheaper at Frames of Mind. If you are using a mat you now need to print the photo smaller than the frame, and 0.25 to 0.5 inch bigger than the mat opening, here I would suggest 34.75" by 10.5". It’s just a matter of taping the photo on top of the opening.

In conclusion, you are looking at about (frame) + .5 (print) = .5 for a very good quality print. Add for a custom mat = .5 (or less at Frames of Mind). Add for a sturdy mount on a foam board = 8.5 if you want to be on the safe side for a show or a donation. Ballpark.

It’s one big print though, it looks nice I think. Alternatively you can print the file and shop around to see how much you can get it framed for (hint: probably a lot more).

You don’t have to use that photo of course, there are many pictures of Albany’s Skyline on Flickr and All Over Albany is compiling a few more. This was just to get you going πŸ™‚ Good luck. Contact me if you need more help (or a print). If you manage to print/frame it on your own, I’d love to hear your feedback too.

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