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In the vernacular of disaster survival this is the bug-out-bag term for getting out of urban buildings. And having picked up some tips since photographing my car bag, I added a few items to what I already carry—dollar bills for vending machines, ear plugs in an Altoids box (along with toothbrush and toothpaste) and goggles. Regular safety goggles are too big so I came up with the brilliant idea to throw in my swim goggles, partly because they will look perfectly silly (and you could have had your gym bag with you so not out and out weird), but also because they will seal better. The ear plugs were suggested because disasters are very noisy with sirens and blocking out some of the noise will offer respite. (I forgot to lay down my hearing aids which I had in my pocket during photo session.)

Disaster bag enthusiasts tend to veer towards the militaristic or vigilante. There was a comment/suggestion on one site about the psychological advantages of having sunglasses to hide your eyes with the warning that this would also hide your humanity. So what’s the advantage I wanted to know, unless to intimidate. (At 5’3" it be better if I had my ninja outfit on too).

Since this is my everyday bag it is really a get there on time, get work done and get paid bag.

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