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EDC 2.0 (part 2 of 3)
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a.k.a. ‘a place for everything’

this is the Scottevest (SeV) Quantum, a now-discontinued model that i’ve had for a few years. it’s everything i’d hoped it would be, with a few minor exceptions. it’s more water *resistant* than waterPROOF, and the fabric inside the pockets is a bit too flimsy. and the MetroCard window-pocket (#22) tends to snag on the clip of anything you might carry in your front-left pants pocket. other than that, great jacket. 28 pockets. and even as jam-packed with gear as it appears, it’s still under-utilized.

if you ride the NYC subway system, you’ll often hear "backpacks and other large containers are subject to random search by the police.." – this jacket is a great way to carry a backpack’s worth of stuff around, without getting hassled by the man.

now that the weather’s getting warmer, i don’t wear this as often. it has zipper vents on the sides but those things don’t help enough, especially when there’s no breeze. rather than remove everything & transfer it to something else, i can roll up the jacket (minus the D5000) and carry it in the top of my messenger bag (part 3). AND, when entering the subway system, there’s still room in the back pocket of the jacket to fold up the messenger bag and stuff it inside. very versatile.

1. Sony AM/FM Walkman, spare AAA battery, BlackBerry wired headset
over the past decade, two major events have occurred in NYC: 9/11 and the Northeast Blackout of 2003. during both of those events, the most reliable method of finding out WTF was going on was AM radio. so this little guy is always with me, tuned to 1010WINS. the BB headset can plug into the BB or the walkman.

2. Passport and Moleskine
the most widely accepted form of photo ID, and a moleskine for notes, musings, and tiny paper airplanes.

3. Big Red chewing gum
i like fresh breath and cinnamon. and i despise and distrust sugar substitutes.

Aspartame?!?!? Really??? OK Big Red is officially out of the rotation. And now i need a new gum.

4. mini Bic lighter
more convenient and more reliable than the peanut lighter i’ve long considered buying.

5. Cables and Adapters
– USB > Mini USB cable
– Mini USB > Micro USB adapter
– 1/8" male > RCA female adapter
– 1/8" male > dual 1/8" female adapter
– 1/8" stereo coupler
– 1/8" male > RCA male cable
– 1/8" male > 2.5mm male cable
– 1/4" male > 1/8" female adapter

with these i can plug anything into anything.
the mini USB works w/ the Rikiki (#18) and the Zen (#9), the micro USB can dock and/or recharge the BB.

6. Panasonic Lumix TS1
my favorite do-everything camera.

7. Nikon D5000 w/ 35mm f/1.8 lens
when a P&S just won’t do justice to the image. kept inside a UPS 2nd Day Air Pak, which is made out of some sort of very strong, definitely waterproof polymer.

8. spare AA batteries
for the 4Sevens Quark AA2.

9. Creative Zen 16GB, Sennheiser HD212 Pro headphones
my favorite MP3/video player. holds a charge forever, and has an SD slot so i can use it as an external HD, or (more importantly) a portable SD backup device. if one of the SD cards in the cameras is full, i can pop it into the Zen and import all the pics. it also has a voice recorder, in case i want/need to record a phonecall.

and the Sennheisers, i spent an hour @ J&R’s ‘wall of headphones’ trying on everything they had. and these had the best sound of any unit under 0. plus i love that they’re totally modular, i can unplug the wires from both earpieces for transport. before these i’d burned through two consecutive pairs of Sony MDR-V700DJs due to wire crimping. and crappy hinges.

10. SanDisk 2GB MicroSD card, MicroSD > SD adapter
backup card – sometimes it’s empty, sometimes it stores videos for playing on the Zen, sometimes it’s full of client files. 2GB worth of whatever i need.

11. Petzl Spirit carabiner, keys, 8GB Lacie Itsakey, 4GB SanDisk Cruzer Micro
finally found the load-bearing carabiner i’ve been looking for. made in the USA, no hard corners on the gate to snag, no paint to fleck off, and not monstrously huge. and the flash drives are still going strong.

12. six quarters
for vending machines and/or other POS devices that don’t take bills.

13. Fisher ‘Bullet’ Space Pen
a.k.a. ‘Fisher space pen refill carrying case’.

14. Dunlop Teckpick
an aluminum pick, really stiff with a big chunky/clangy sound. works well on a drop-tuned electric or a nylon-stringed acoustic. i wouldn’t trust it near a 12-string.

15. emergency cash
cab fare, meal, etc.

16. 1GB SanDisk MicroSD card
all my passwords and some personal files in an encrypted (160-bit Blowfish) .ace file. and a copy of winace.

17. BlackBerry Bold 9650
still my favorite phone, despite RIM’s plunging market share.

18. Lacie Rikiki 500GB external hard drive
a very very good drive.

19. Lamy Swift Palladium
this pen looks and feels better than it writes. i used to love Lamy, don’t know why the M66 refills suck. i should really swap it out with something else.

20. Black Sharpie (Fine), Silver Metallic Sharpie (Fine),
assorted zip ties, rubber bands, and twist ties

the black Sharpie is for writing on anything lighter than grey (#666666). the silver Sharpie is for writing on anything darker. the rest is for ad hoc cable management.

21. Petzl Spirit carabiner, Victorinox Cybertool 34
a 2nd carabiner and the do (almost) anything Cybertool.

22. MetroCard
this is for the subway, my home away from home.
and also some safety pins, just beside the card.

23. SureFire G2 LED, w/ spare 123A batteries
backup flashlight – another important lesson learned in the ’03 blackout. i was in New Jersey when the power went out, and my light @ the time (inova x5) ran out of juice on the way back to the City. so now i always have a backup light and at least one set of spare batteries. it only has one output level: VERY BRIGHT. it’s essentially bombproof, and the batteries have a ten year shelf life.

24. ‘first aid’ kit
latex exam gloves, alcohol swabs, cotton balls, q-tips, neosporin, paper towels. nothing too serious. but when my son gets a booboo (or touches ANYthing on the subway) i’m glad to have it.

25. book
whatever i’m reading at the time.

26. mini tripod
palm-sized and generic, but juuust sturdy enough to support the D5000 if i find myself desperate for a shake-free shot.

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