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Deaf woman saves drowning sailors after getting new hearing aid
Pensioner Christine Bowden saved the lives of two drowning sailors the day after getting a new hearing aid fitted. Christine, 77, was the only person to hear the persistent cries of the two sailors as she tended to her vegetable patch in Looe, Cornwall …
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10 Things Deaf People Are Really Tired Of Hearing People Saying To Them
I am a wife and mother with a full-time career that requires travel. I am also deaf. I actually really like being deaf. In fact, I love it. It's allowed me to be a part of a really cool community: the deaf community. Plus, think of all the stuff I do …
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Gene Therapy Restores Hearing In Deaf Mice – Science 2.0
"Current therapies for profound hearing loss like that caused by the recessive form of TMC1 are hearing aids, which often don't work very well, and cochlear implants," says Margaret Kenna, MD, MPH, a specialist in genetic hearing loss at Boston …
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