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The New Ford Mustang Proves Muscle Cars Aren't Dead
Here we go: The 1971 Boss 351's “Cleveland” four-barrel V8 put out 330 All-American horsepower, 370 pound-feet of torque, and all the hydrocarbons you could choke on (visual aid: the “Eleanor” in Hollywood's original 1974 “Gone in 60 Seconds” was a '71 …
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Consumers should beware of changes in Medicare plans
The participation rate is even greater locally. Nearly 40 percent of Medicare recipients in Bexar County were … Traditional Medicare also doesn't cover vision or dental care or hearing aids. The Medicare Advantage plans offered by private carriers …
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Post Hearing Aid Fitting
I will begin this post by stating that I am amazed that it is already October! At this time last year, I was nearing the end of the externship interview process. It is crazy to reflect on how quickly time passes… One resounding theme of my past week …
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Knowles: A Microphone Giant Riding The Smartphone Growth Wave
Nevertheless, if we look into the future of the specialty components business consisting of the hearing health acoustics, the outlook is much better. In fact, there has been growth in the worldwide hearing aid units sold. As one of the macro trends is …
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