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Attention must be paid to parents' views on testing
Their comments indicate they have had enough of state and federal governments shoving curriculum and testing requirements down their children's throats, and they are speaking up and fighting back. I think the parents' opposition to some of what is …
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The Little Prince Goes Pixar
The core story of the book—which has the pilot wandering the desert for eight days with the Prince, basically hearing all about the ecosystem of his home asteroid and his love for a rose that grows there—is sent to her by an eccentric, lonely older …
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Crestwood mom first in area to get new hybrid implant for high-frequency
Aging, heredity, exposure to loud noise, certain illnesses and medications that are toxic to the inner ear can cause sensorineural hearing loss, also called ski-slope loss because of the curve shape on a hearing test. Traditional hearing aids are not …

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