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Hearing, but not understanding
Women and children's voices are usually higher toned. Vowel sounds like A, E, I, O, and U are lower toned … At the Better Hearing Center, 512-282-4327, we provide thorough hearing tests and detailed explanations. Plus, our hearing aids, care and …
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Hearing Aids Change Throughout The Years, Santa Clarita Options
Children that other audiologist may not be able to test,” said Aronson. “I love a challenge.” “Anyone who is a year old or above who needs a test, we will see those children,” said Aronson. Aronson explains the importance of getting your child's …
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Malice, the hot sauce of life
I would love to see all cell phones dumped into the sea, run over by gigantic earth moving equipment, stacked at the site of the next North Korean Nuclear weapon test, or dropped into an active volcano. But I am lonely … A good example of this, is …
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