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Syria's next generation
A volunteer whispers that several have hearing aids, a result of explosion-induced hearing loss. … Later, she will also drum into them that to be good people and rebuild a peaceful Syria they do not need to resort to violence, lying or cheating. Then …
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Teaching the world to listen with their eyes
But for years, Edmiston isolated herself because of her disability and didn't know how to explain her hearing loss or advocate for herself. She didn't begin using hearing aids or learn ASL until she was a young adult. Her own father didn't believe she …
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Jeff Korbelik: Ploughshare to present first Cask Ale Festival
So, not surprisingly, Ploughshare owner Matt Stinchfield has decided to start a cask ale festival to give beer lovers more of a good thing. The first … I'm working on a story about noisy eateries and the problems they pose, especially for those with …
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Bluetooth Earpieces Do Battle With the 00 Hearing Aid
At the time, Einhorn, who wrote the oratorio Voices of Light, had limited ways to deal with his nightmare condition, known as sudden sensorineural hearing loss. He visited an audiologist and bought a hearing aid for $ 3,000. (His insurance plan, like …
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