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Inventors Use Nanotechnology to Make a Hearing Aid Smaller Than a Coffee Bean
Since a gadget this tiny will naturally have a smaller battery — in fact, their prototype uses a battery just slightly larger than a few grains of sand — one might assume the hearing aid would run out of juice sooner. Not so, says the Nano team …

UNICEF celebrates global innovation and a children's rights milestone
Take Tendekayi Katsiga, an entrepreneur from Zimbabwe featured in the report, whose Botswana-based company, Deaftronics, developed a solar-powered battery for hearing aids. The Solar Ear's rechargeable battery costs the same as a standard battery …
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Going green in the Sunland
A newsletter that states where things can be recycled and where you can find reused items, such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, cellphones, batteries and even clothing is currently in the works. Keep Beatrice Beautiful also has a display and program that …
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