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Soundhawk's earpiece lets you pick exactly what you want to hear
All told, there are four audio presets that Soundhawk believes are the most common: indoors, outdoors, dining, and driving. Each uses an algorithm and specific parts of the Scoop … It's gotten around that by using an avenue the FDA opened up for …
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Moto Hint review: is there a future for the Bluetooth headset?
It looks a little like a hearing aid, or at a quick glance could just be a big earring. The Hint exists in an awkward middle … Its audio is quiet and compressed, always making it sound like there's something blocking my ear canal. The sound effects …
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Are voice commands really distracting?
Driver distraction is a big concern here at Consumer Reports. We purchase and test more than 70 cars a year, and our tests include judging vehicle controls. Consumer Reports supports anti-texting efforts and guidelines for simpler interfaces. Despite …

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