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I’ve changed bags which is a big deal for an organizer. The zippers were going on my old belt pack which was a pretty homely thing anyway. I found one of these Ameribags at the thrift store so I thought I’d try it out. I don’t see what’s ergonomic about it as a shoulder bag—it’s still dragging your shoulder down, but worn across the body it works like a messenger bag. A belt pack is still the most ergonomic, but not so good on my semi-recumbent bike. I added the binder pouch and that really stepped up the functionality and made me feel more secure since it has a mesh pocket for my ,000 hearing aids (not covered by health insurance, BTW). The pouch swivels around on the keysnap which really floats my boat. You can see I’m very much an analog type. No electronic PDA or iPod or what and the pay-as-you-go phone is the one I started out with and it’s rarely turned on. Oh yes, there is my digital camera which I also carry everywhere, but not shown because I’m using it, of course. I can even cram in a book, small water bottle and lunch which my old bag could not.

Pitch perfect: The quest to create the world's smallest hearing aid
But the energy efficiency and relatively small size of the transistor — which is used to amplify electronic signals — paved the way for the now familiar "behind the ear" style of hearing aid. Since then, the mechanics have become evermore …
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Recycle aid is launched
A GORSEINON business is launching a hearing aid recycling scheme to help deaf children in developing countries. Specsavers in Gorseinon is collecting unwanted analogue hearing aids for Sound Seekers, a UK- registered charity that takes them abroad.
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