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Researchers ID Mechanism That Leads to Diabetes, Blindness
The disease leads to diabetes, hearing and vision loss, nerve cell damage that causes motor difficulties, and early death. Now, researchers … The finding will aid in the understanding of Wolfram syndrome and also may be important in the treatment of …

Random Thoughts | Miffed mom sounds off on hearing hang-up
My hearing, it turns out, is just fine. Despite what my kids think, I'm nowhere close to the hearing-aid stage. A few things, however, are affecting my sense of sound. Low and high pitches aren't as easily discerned anymore. With age (even though I'm …
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City hosted unique political forum
He spoke passionately of his experience as a trustee to Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., which serves deaf and hearing-impaired students. Ironically … We found the similar problem here in Ohio earlier this year when we examined the …
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