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Agil Hearing Aid System Organizes Sounds, Helps With Cognitive Processing
The Oticon Agil manages sound at a higher level of abstraction than traditional hearing aids, separating and optimizing them based on source and type. In essence, it does some of the tasks that the brain would otherwise have to perform. So this hearing …

Oticon Hearing Aids: Agil Takes Sound to a New Dimension
Broken down, this means that Agil's Binaural Noise Management System delivers the most natural sound available. But when listening conditions aren't optimal, the Agil hearing aids compensate automatically and unobtrusively, delivering the best sound …
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Somalia: The Canadians are everywhere
A 2013 study by Adeso, Oxfam and the Inter-American Dialogue found that Somalia receives approximately $ 1.3 billion each year in remittances — as money sent back home is known — which is more than foreign aid and investment combined. … Nasra Agil …
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