Kasich budget trims aid to over half of Ohio districts

Kasich budget trims aid to over half of Ohio districts
During the hearing, state Rep. Mike Dovilla, a Berea Republican, said he represents four districts that could potentially fall on the so-called higher capacity end of the scale, and asked Keen whether adding income into the formula along with property …
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Hearing aid processes sound through the tongue
"We're taking and substituting touch on the tongue, with signals designed especially for that, that the brain could utilize over time and substitute for hearing," said Professor John Williams. He and his team hope that this small device can become a …
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Can you hear me now? How to select the right hearing aid for your specific
"This is not your grandfather's hearing aid," yet many people have that outdated view, says audiologist Carolyn Smaka, editor of the website www.audiologyonline.com . Today, virtually all hearing aids are digital and they do far more than boost volume.
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