is this a scam?? What do u think?

Question by : is this a scam?? What do u think?
I sent out resumes through Craigslist last week. I got one response for a computer tech position. He gave me a description about the job and their website that his company is associate to. The website looks like its part of a big company. Now he wants me to fix 7 computers and ship it back to him. What do you guys think? He asked for my address and name so he can ship the computers to my house. Is he legit? the website looks legit so im thinking this is a real job. WHAT DO U THINK???

Here is the e-mail:


Thanks for the swift response, Here are some few details you need for the job, We supplied 30 Pentium

IV dell laptops to the mission training home, after some couple of months we got an information that 7 of

the systems malfunctioned and results into crashing, first we made enquiries about how they all

malfunctioned and we found out that Below are the things needed to be done on the laptops;

(1.) Format Hard Drive

(2.) Install Win Xp or Vista with Service Pack 2 or 3

(3.) Microsoft Office Package

(4.) Recent Anti Virus Software with (Free Lifetime Updates)

(5.) Adobe Acrobat

(6.) Diagnostics of the entire system after to check hard drive, CD & DVD ROM, floppy Disk.

Get back to me with your total cost for the services of 7 units ( Labour Only). We would Include all the

necessary software’s and licenses (Original) needed for the service installations and would be paying you

with a Certified Company Check, and I want you to know that the Laptops will all be shipped to your

location by our shipping agents, we will give you a totality of one week to finish up with the repairs after

which it will also be picked up by the shippers. This is a Contract Job which might lead to a full time

position with the company after you have successfully completed the first task within the specified time.

Kindly send me the following information’s to have the payment mailed out to you;

Full Name:

Physical Address:



Zip code:

Cell phone #:

I am currently in Remote area in Tokyo and the phone service is very poor here, I’m online most of the

time as I am hard of hearing so I prefer we contact each other through E-mails, but if there is need for me to call, I will be glad to do that by using a hearing device. I await your urgent response so we can make

moving arrangements and delivery of payment as soon as possible.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Regional Operating Officer.

Walter Godwin

Action Aid International.
18 minutes ago
– 4 days left to answer.

Additional Details



I am Walter Godwin, the new Regional Operating Officer with the well known non-profit:- The Action Aid International.

Thank you for responding to the Advertisement.

My Office & I have reviewed your Resume’ and we would like to arrange for a phone interview to allow a more personal and mutual exploration of the venture as well as the issues of the job that need to be specifically addressed.

The Action Aid Organization distributed a number of Computer Systems to a Missionary Organization in Tokyo, Japan whose objective was to promote and hold Computer Training Courses for the Children at the Mission Organization using these Computer Systems sent to them.

We received a report that all of these systems malfunctioned and as a result they are shipping the computer systems back to us for repair even though there are more technical nerds in Japan at the moment that need work in light of the recent devastation and tsunami that the Country has encountered.

Although the shipping rates and fees are exorbitant well beyond the actual value of the affected computer systems, the decision was made to have them shipped back to the U.S. so we could find an in-source resource to repair them in lieu of the far cheaper out-sourced sources available to us, as a global organization, in India, Bangladesh, or even Taiwan.

The Action Aid Organization is looking for a technically competent and caring individual to trouble-shoot and repair these systems accordingly so that they can be processed for shipment back to the Missionary Organization In Tokyo as soon as is respectfully possible.

Would you be available for this type of contact work and job?.

Please note that although the Action Aid Organization is a NON-PROFIT, the position is not and you will receive remuneration accordingly as the work is performed and completed.

Please take a moment to review the job details and if any questions or concerns arise OR if a need for additional clarifications is in order, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Regional Operating Officer.
Walter Godwin
Action Aid International.

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Answer by ittybittyspider
If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is

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5 Responses to “is this a scam?? What do u think?”

  1. the kid says:

    It was a scam the first time you posted it. It’s still a scam.

    What large multinational corporation would purchase new laptops with floppy drives?

  2. hottotrot1_usa says:

    It sounds very suspicious. How do you know if you’ll really get paid? You might spend your money to fix these machines, and then not get reimbursed.

  3. sitcpsitcb says:

    Complete scam. The poor English is a dead giveaway. So is the “I’m in a remote location.”

    If you want a job with Action Aid (which is a real, legitimate organization) apply through their website.

  4. Judy says:

    Although they haven’t “set the hook” yet, this makes no sense for them to do, and has a strong smell of a scam. There’s no way this makes any sense.

    I’d decline.

  5. Buffy Staffordshire says:

    100% scam.

    There is no job. That scammer does NOT work for that company, he just stole that website address to send to potential victims and pretend to work for

    The next email will be from another of the scammer’s fake names and free email addresses pretending to be the “secretary/assistant/accountant” and will demand you cash a large fake check sent on a stolen UPS/FedEx billing account number and send most of the “money” via Western Union or moneygram back to the scammer posing as the “computer shipping company” while you “keep” a small portion. When your bank realizes the check is fake and it bounces, you get the real life job of paying back the bank for the bounced check fees and all the bank’s money you sent to an overseas criminal.

    Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check ID and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever.

    Now that you have responded to a scammer, you are on his ‘potential sucker’ list, he will try again to separate you from your cash. He will send you more emails from his other free email addresses using another of his fake names with all kinds of stories of great jobs, lottery winnings, millions in the bank and desperate, lonely, sexy singles. He will sell your email address to all his scamming buddies who will also send you dozens of fake emails all with the exact same goal, you sending them your cash via Western Union or moneygram.

    Whenever suspicious or just plain curious, google everything, website addresses, names used, companies mentioned, phone numbers given, all email addresses, even sentences from the emails as you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find already posted online. You can also post/ask here and every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find before taking a chance and losing money to a scammer.

    6 “Rules to follow” to avoid most fake jobs:
    1) Job asks you to use your personal bank account and/or open a new one.
    2) Job asks you to print/mail/cash a check or money order.
    3) Job asks you to use Western Union or moneygram in any capacity.
    4) Job asks you to accept packages and re-ship them on to anyone.
    5) Job asks you to pay visas, travel fees via Western Union or moneygram.
    6) Job asks you to sign up for a credit reporting or identity verification site.

    Avoiding all jobs that mention any of the above listed ‘red flags’ and you will miss nearly all fake jobs. Only scammers ask you to do any of the above. No. Exceptions. Ever. For any reason.

    If you google “fake check cashing job”, “fraud Western Union scam”, “money mule moneygram scam” or something similar you will find hundreds of posts from victims and near-victims of this type of scam.

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