Is there any credible evidence of time travelers in old footage?

Question by Izzy: Is there any credible evidence of time travelers in old footage?
Forget about the old lady with the mobile phone in that Charlie Chaplin movie, it could have been a hearing aid available in those times.

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Answer by Zack_Powers
I don’t think there is. Odds are slim that a time traveler would not only happen to be filmed, but then shown to be using some technology not of the present time. Time travelers existing within our Universe are rare since every time travel results in a five dimensional jump to a near identical parallel Universe. Since there are near infinite parallel Universes, the odds are slim one would end up here.

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4 Responses to “Is there any credible evidence of time travelers in old footage?”

  1. ms terible says:

    No and if there were people will not tell or talk about it.

  2. Pete 353 says:

    Time lords(the real time travelers if any) would erase the evidence of them even being ANY WERE! It suits the logic that it could alter a time-line if they messed with it to much. I mean come on, you even have this guy in Ben 10 called Dr. Paradox. He could change time in an instant if he so chose to with a mear action in the past or future. Even the movie Back to the Future has its implications into this. They had to get rid of certain bad actions of one person or indirect actions of what an object caused to return the time-line back to normal.

  3. Graybeard says:

    No. Which Chaplin film? I’ve seen all of them many times, and I don’t recall such a thing. There are some things that look odd. There’s a mirrored disco ball in the dance scene in CASABLANCA… but that’s because they actually had disco balls at the time.

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