Is there an easy hearing test to do on babies?

Question by Katikat: Is there an easy hearing test to do on babies?
I have a 5 month old baby and am curious about her hearing. I have around 50% hearing loss in both ears. (I was born with it) and I was curious if there were some easy simple tests to do at home to check if she seems to be hearing normal, or if she is too young to tell at this point.

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Answer by Melissa is Zacks awesome mom
ask her doctor.
at least in california it is a requirement for all new borns to have a hearing test

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  1. Isis Grace says:

    This is a very interesting question. I’m sorry, I don’t know but I will look back to see how others answer.

  2. Dakota's MOM :o) says:

    Since you were born with your hearing loss, I imagine your child would be also if he/she were to have hearing loss. They do test hearing at birth or the day after, while you and baby are still in the hospital. If they didn’t mention anything to you then than it would be safe to assume baby is ok. Otherwise I’d just ask the doctor.

  3. angelgoddessas84 says:

    You can take her to the pediatrician, but even at five months old, if you were to clap loudly on side of her, she should turn towards the direction of the sound.

  4. K S says:

    They usually do a hearing test on newborns (it involves equipment and seeing if the sound waves do the right things).
    Try clapping your hands from out of her line of vision, and see if she turns towards the noise or is startled by it. If not, make an appt with an audiologist.

  5. mystic_eye_cda says:

    Yes they do it the first days after birth.

    In older babies they sometimes have to sedate the baby as the test works best with baby asleep.

    I hope someone remember the name of the test for you, there are two and my brain isn’t working -sorry.

  6. army wife & mommy says:

    When my son was about a month or two old they did a test on my son. They just put a little thing in his ear and did the test while he’s asleep. I thought they all did it.

  7. Luv my kids 4evr says:

    The most basic hearing test is the startle test. If you bang a spoon against a pot/pan does she startle? Does she look in the direction of your voice or a new sound? If the answer to all the above is no, I would definitely raise the concern with her pediatrician.

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