is there an alternative to wearing a hearing aid?

Question by van: is there an alternative to wearing a hearing aid?
is there some type of surgery i can get where they build in a permanent type of hearing aid/microphone in my ear? I have to admit I would be embarassed to wear one where everyone can see because I am only 18 years old. I have had a hearing problem ever since elementary school and was told by a doctor that i should get a hearing aid but never done anything about it because my parents do not have the money to help me. Now that I am old enough I am wondering what are my options?

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Answer by evirustheslaye
they do make really small ones that fit in your ear, they look almost like beans, heres some

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  1. SkepDoc 3.0 says:

    evirus has provided you with a link for tiny aides.
    There is a type of surgery for some types of deafness, but you’d have to talk to a specialist to see if it would be appropriate for your type of hearing loss. Usually the surgery is for those totally deaf…not just hard of hearing.

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