Is there a hearing aid with radio or a mp3 player?

Question by : Is there a hearing aid with radio or a mp3 player?
BY that i mean that you can listen to radio with your hearing aid, or save music on it and listen to it later.

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It is simpler to just get any radio or MP3 player and use headphones!

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  1. kAudio says:

    Currently there are no hearing aids that have a radio or mp3 built into them; however many of the most advanced digital hearing aids are now Bluetooth compatible. The hearing aids have the ability to stream any Bluetooh compatible device directly to the hearing aids wirelessly. What does this mean? It means your cell phone, mp3 player, etc (if Bluetooth compatible) will stream directly to your hearing aids and will be amplified exactly the way you need it based on your hearing loss and your hearing aid settings – how cool!

    Digital hearing aids ( have really improved functionality and connectivity for hearing aid wearers.

    Healthy Hearing, an online consumer resource for hearing aids, has many articles on Bluetooth compatible hearing aids by Oticon, Starkey, Sonic, Unitron, etc. Links to a few are provided for your reading:

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