Is it possible to regain hearing without a hearing aid?

Question by mixeddudetx: Is it possible to regain hearing without a hearing aid?
I am not deaf by any means but I’m just curious. Let’s say I was to listen to loud music every day and I started to lose my hearing. Would it be possible to regain some or most of it back without the aid of a hearing aid?

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Answer by Chrys
no..if your hearing is DAMAGED by something, it never comes back…if it’s gone due to a cold and your ears are clear of fluid it will come back when your cold goes away.

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  1. lorichop120 says:

    No, once you start killing off the little hairs that pick up the vibrations you can’t regrow them and your hearing gets worse. I went to a concert many years ago and was right up front by the speakers and I couldn’t hear anything but ringing for a wk. Ever since then my hearing is shot and I have a hard time hearing people if they whisper or are a soft talker.

  2. Jimbles says:

    Depends on the hearing loss.

    The little hairs in your ears vibrate and transmit the sound through the three bones of the ear, and into your brain. Excessive vibration can destroy them, and no they dont grow back.

    Hearing aids amplify the sound into the canal, making it easier for partially damaged parts to pick up the vibrations.

    If you become deaf due to an internal ‘defect’, then generally you will not get any better. These people usually have cochlear implants, but still will not hear very well.

    When you get sick and get fluid in your ears, this can return to normal healing as long as the infection is treated and no damage is done to the bones of the ear.

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