Is it possible to buy hearing aids for someone else?

Question by : Is it possible to buy hearing aids for someone else?
My mother is very hard of hearing; I’d like to get her hearing aids for Christmas as she can not afford to get them herself. What is involved in this? Does she need to go to a doctor, or can I just buy them from the store? Are there different features on hearing aids that I should be aware of?

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Yes there are differences, usually in the amount of amplification, and which ranges of sound are being amplified. ( High or low range ) There are “General” hearing aids available for hunters and sportsmen, but there is no guarantee that they will help your mom. Normally, a hearing test is necessary and a “fitting” to ensure comfort and proper hearing. If you can, speak with her family doctor about your plan, he can provide good, valid information and recommendations. What you are planning to do is a very nice gesture, and I’m sure she will appreciate it for many years to come.

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