Is it ok to change out hearing aid batteries while dining in public?

Question by myoldgang: Is it ok to change out hearing aid batteries while dining in public?
A family member started wearing hearing aids. He doesn’t change them out till they go dead, and this seems to happen while we are dining in public. He has to pull it off his ear, place it on the table, change out the batteries and then poke it back in his ear. This grosses me out. Seems to me that it is right up there with cleaning ears/nose at the table. Am I too sensitive?

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Answer by Please Explain?
Most people would say you are being too sensitive not me though I think that’s disgusting. He should certainly not put it on the table when people are eating… Especially if he’s old. That just makes it whole lot worse somehow.

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  1. remarkabow says:

    No, you’re right, it’s disgusting. But look at it this way, at least your family member is wearing their hearing aid. Eating out with my dad and my father in law involve a lot of shouting and their saying “Huh?!”. It’s very annoying.

  2. Jessica says:

    its OK i mean Im sure he would like to be able to hear and that the only thing he can do but yes it is disgusting witch is why i go to the restroom to change my batteries maby you could ask him to go to the bathroom and change them the bottom line is no you are not too sensitive it is gross

  3. LillyB says:

    Way too sensitive and really how often is it likely that his battery going flat just happens to coincide with you being out for a meal.

  4. Goddess of Laundry says:

    Any action that will, (or may) cause others to be uncomfortable, should be done with a bit of privacy. If you have a problem with this, then this family member should have picked up on your signals and removed himself(herself) from the table. As it is, if you cannot bring yourself to tell them, then the only thing to do is to leave the table yourself when this person swings into action. You could do that, then you would not be part of the audience.

  5. Vibiana says:

    It’s disgusting. He should excuse himself and do this in the restroom. What’s next, people soaking their dentures at the table? LOL “Well, I had the blueberry pie, and you know how it can stain …”

  6. Nightrider says:

    Etiquette calls for being discreet on personal items. It lacks understanding on the part of this adult who wears aids. On the table? while dining? No. no class whatsoever. No you are not sensitive.

    What’s next? Pick his teeth? Pick his nose? Clear his throat loudly? Cough without covering his mouth? The list goes on.

    Next time when you get a chance tell this family member in a nice way that he/she should do their personal items in privacy. It is called being considerate of others.

    On the bright side, at least this person wears the hearing aid. Take my grandpa – he would not even turn on the hearing aid so that he won’t drain the batteries. He is so stingy to the core. Batteries cost money you see…… he is saving money to give to his grand kids. That’s us. Poor grandpa. He belongs to the old school and any amount of us telling him falls in deaf ears (pun not intended). Get this – my grandpa after having a bowl of ice cream, he will swirl half a glass of water in the bowl and drink that up. I asked him why. He says he does not want that ice cream sticking to the bowl go for a waste. Oh, the things he does – will make you cringe.

  7. Daddy Bear says:

    The dinner table is not the place for a hearing aid. He could go to the bathroom for that.

  8. B. says:

    it’s REPULSIVE to do that

  9. Now Now says:

    Is okay, he won’t hear the snide remarks then.

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