Is anyone else embarrassed of having hearing aids?

Question by Chris S: Is anyone else embarrassed of having hearing aids?
I don’t have hearing aids myself, but I’m completely deaf in my right ear and I’m afraid of going deaf in my left one and if I ever have to have hearing aids(or just one hearing aid) I’m afraid people will think differently of me. I feel sorry for someone whenever I see that they have hearing aids and I don’t want anyone to feel any pity for me just because of a disability. IF I ever go deaf in my left ear I’m pretty much screwed.

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Answer by Nirupa P
I don’t think people are going to make fun of you just beacause you might get a hearing aid, or gonna wear one. I know how you feel. No one takes me seriously. I also wear a hearing aid. Good LUCK 🙂

Hope No One Takes You Differently !!

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  1. sugarpie1182 says:

    They make hearing aids that you can’t even see. Try a RIC or RITE…. They have become powerful enough over the last couple years to accommodate very severe hearing losses. I know a woman who got them a year ago and her husband still doesn’t know she has them. Good luck

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