Is a hearing aid good for me?

Question by Jaime: Is a hearing aid good for me?
I’m a thirteen year old female. I may have a mild to moderate hearing loss. I have a lot of difficulty understanding people in the presence of background noise. I don’t have trouble hearing things if there’s no background noise. Does a hearing aid sound like it’d b a good fit for me? If so, what are some good hearing aid brands? I’m getting my hearing checked in January so I’d like to hae some brad names to ask about. Thanks!

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Answer by TweetyBird
Whether or not a hearing aid would benefit you depends entirely on the cause of your hearing loss, which equates to what kind of hearing loss you have, and this is something you haven’t disclosed. There’s conductive hearing loss (CHL), sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) and mixed hearing loss (MHL). When you see the audiologist next year, if it’s appropriate, hearing aids will be brought up and suggested. Don’t worry about brand names.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Brand names have nothing to do with it. You need to be evaluated by an audiologist to find out exactly what kind of hearing loss you have, if you have one. (Most people have at least some trouble understanding speech with background noise.)

    Remember, hearing aids mostly amplify sounds, and if your hearing is pretty normal, you will hate having amplification. What sometimes happens is that we lose a bit of our hearing at the high frequency end. This hissing frequency range is very important in understanding speech; all the consonants are high frequency, especially the S sound. A hearing aid of whatever type can be, and usually is, programmed to amplify mostly the high frequency sounds. (If you have a radio with controls for different frequencies, you will find that increasing the high treble will make speech easier to understand.)

    Find out more about what you actually can and cannot hear, before your evaluation. You may not have a hearing loss. You can also try more lip-reading, which is what most of us do unconsciously when in a noisy environment.

    Also, read the neat article (the one after the Mayo Clinic article below).

  2. IAN says:

    Probably yes but you need to see an audiologist and have your hearing tested. Only then will the audiologist be in a position to determine whether hearing aids will help you.

    Don’t worry about which brand is best. The best hearing aids for anyone with a hearing loss are the ones that they hear best with.

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