Insects inspire next generation of hearing aids

Insects inspire next generation of hearing aids
Ground-breaking research by the University of Strathclyde, and the MRC/CSO Institute for Hearing Research (IHR) – Scottish Section at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, will test an innovative design using a miniature directional microphone – similar to the …
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'Probably the best thing I've ever done'
Having had surgery to help correct the problems with his hearing, Mike was informed that he could only wear a hearing aid in his left ear as his right ear was completely dead. … Book a free hearing test with Amplifon today, visit …

Google to donate million under 'Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities'
World Wide Hearing, with Google's grant of $ 500,000, will try to develop and test out an affordable kit for the diagnosis of hearing loss and wearable hearing aids. The tool kit would detect hearing loss, by cultivating, prototyping and testing with a …
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