Inexpensive Telecoil Loop?

Question by karl_blessing: Inexpensive Telecoil Loop?
I’m 28, and I recently got some new hearing aids (after being without them for bout 6 years now, been hearing impaired since birth). The new hearing aids I have are resound sparx that can either use Telecoil or a DAI (direct audio input adapter).

I would like to possibly just get a telecoil coupler/loop to plug into my ipod and/or computer and such, but when I search online the cheapest I can find is always bout 50$ or higher. Even if monotone (though I would preferably like to find something thats truly bilateral) is there anywhere I could find a telecoil loop for less than 50$ ? I even looked on ebay and only found too, also 50$ . Seems like there’s some kind of pricing racket.

I’d look into the DAI adapters too, but I have been unable to find a model number of what I’d need, and even resound’s own website is no help in identifying what I’d need for direct audio input.

My hearing is around moderate-severe to just above the profound hearing loss line, so I may need something that can take batteries so that the telecoil can be amplified, but if not I’m sure I could do without if the thing is like 20$ or so.

any suggestions on reputable locations to look for?

Karl Blessing
ipod = gift , hearing aids = insurance. Don’t make assumptions. Also if you can’t answer the question, then don’t bother making criticism based on assumptions.

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Answer by chiliswoman
Sorry, but $ 50 is cheap for what you want. If you get much cheaper it will not be anything worth having. If you have an ipod touch you certainly can afford $ 50 for something so you can hear it properly.

ETA: I did answer you. You want to be able to hear an ipod touch with sound that will be worth listening too – if it is less than $ 50 it will be a piece of crap and not worth listening to. How do I know – experience! I’ll send you one for for the shipping if you enjoy hearing snap, crackle, and pop along with your music.

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  1. Jewel says:

    I am legally blind, and you’d think this has nothing to do with your situation, however, in the same department is the deafblind specialist, who work with people who are both deaf and blind. At my recent mini-centre class, she spoke about things that the ADA provides for the hearing impaired.

    What she said is this: Through the state department, a hearing impaired or deafblind person can get either a pocket-talker (which is goood for the HOH, and amplifies whatever the microphone is pointed at, but no other sounds) or a set of hearing aids every six years. The hearing aids provided MUST include a telecoil that can be connected to a telephone because according to the ADA, all people HOH and deaf have the right to equal access to telephones, which is why they also have TTY’s and videophones available these days.

    So, if you talk to the state department (division of services for the deaf?), upon approval, you can get a pair of hearing aids (good ones!) with a telecoil and the equipment to hook it up to your phone, which I imagine would probably be good for an iPod too, maybe. If you got hearing aids already, then you obviously are in need of them, so they would go that route instead of the pocket-talker which is good for those who are mildly or moderately hard-of-hearing.

    Good luck! The state department can tell you more.

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