Incidental Findings from Genome Sequencing – Nuances and Caveats

Incidental Findings from Genome Sequencing – Nuances and Caveats
Although he claimed he had normal hearing, further testing showed he didn't – he'd adapted so well for so long that he hadn't known he was missing a sense. To provide guidelines for clinicians having to disclose a medical surprise, the American College …
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Judge Orders DNA Testing in Naperville Child Stabbing Deaths
In Febrary, Judge Kleeman granted a request from prosecuters to test hair and saliva samples of Plackowska during a hearing, according to Daily Herald. On the night of Oct. 30, when Plackowska was brought in for questioning after the children were …

Judges say Fla. worker drug test ban too broad
Rick Scott may get at least some of his state worker random drug testing program reinstated. Judges on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said at a hearing Friday that a lower court's decision invalidating all drug tests for some 85,000 workers may …
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