If you are deaf will wearing a hearing aid help all the time?

Question by Imdatchick: If you are deaf will wearing a hearing aid help all the time?
Im asking because i’m working on a project for class.

I have noticed by research that some deaf people wear hearing aids. I just thought that when you were completely deaf, then how would a hearing aid help. I know if you have some hearing left…then a hearing aid would work. But how would it work if you are completely deaf.

Could someone please expalin this to me.

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Answer by Jessica
It doesn’t.

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  1. cdeafiem says:

    Some deaf people (they may call themselves deaf or hard of hearing, whichever) have enough hearing in their ears so that hearing aids may be of some benefit to them (this is not always the case, sometimes a hearing loss may be severe or profound enough that hearing aids are of no help, but a cochlear implant might if one should choose to go in that direction). Now, as for a completely deaf person that has no hearing at all in their ears, hearing aids are absolutely useless, although cochlear implants might help if they choose to get one (it will of course, depend on their background education, their understanding of language, etc.)

    Myself, I have a severe-profound loss in my right ear. But, I have enough hearing in that ear that I can hear most things with a hearing aid. Most of the time I can pick up on sounds or noise, but speech is difficult to understand without visual support. As for my left ear, it is completely 100% deaf and hearing aids has never been of any help in that ear.

    Every deaf/hard-of-hearing person have different levels of hearing in their ears.

    [EDIT] Adding to this a bit. For those who want to get a cochlear implant to hear, sometimes they will be advised to wear hearing aids until the surgery date to keep the hair cells in the cochlea stimulated so that person could hopefully get better results with the implant once the implant has been activated. But not all cochlear implant centers do this.

  2. J'adore says:

    No, if you are completely deaf then no hearing aid will help you hear, Conductive hearing loss, is when you are still able to hear certain sounds and frequencies. This usually happens when a person suffers some sort of injury to any part of the ear… A hearing aid would benefit them, to help make up for the damaged drum, canal or ossicle.

    This is such a huge project and there are so many types of different hearing loss that it’s very hard to list them all. But if you look up hearing loss or hearing impairment you will find a wealth of information.

    More so than you will get on here. Deaf people have the possibility to hear if they can be repaired surgically, but in most cases they will not ever hear…

  3. blackcatkizzy says:

    yes it works most of the time if you have new batteries in it is the best way to hear properly if you are deaf

  4. kimberly_mccachren says:

    I have a profound hearing loss, and I have wore hearing aids since I was almost 1 year old, now at the age of 35 I am not wearing them anymore. With the hearing aid it helped me a bit with the lip reading part, but not to hear things. However now I don’t wear one because something happened inside of my ears that I can’t stand the aids anymore, hopefully I will be able to wear them again. Every person with a hearing loss is different with aids, some are able to use them, and some don’t bother with them at all.

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