I wear a hearing aid. What should I say to my barber?

Question by Paul: I wear a hearing aid. What should I say to my barber?
Hello, I’m a guy who very rarely goes to barbershops. I wear a new-model “nearly invisible” hearing aid around my right ear, and by this I mean the hearing aid matches the my hair color, and has a very thin wire coming from behind-and-over my ear into the ear canal.

If I take it off, then the someone would have to talk pretty loud or close to my ear for me to hear them! (I don’t know if barbers usually communicate with their clients during a haircut or not at all). Should I:

1. Let the barber know but don’t remove the hearing aid, unless I am asked to. I don’t think I need to remove the hearing aid… or no?

2. Let the barber know and remove the hearing aid. Should I then tell him to speak close to my ear / speak loudly?

Thanks a lot for your help!
If you’re a hairdresser, please say so and which you prefer!

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3 Responses to “I wear a hearing aid. What should I say to my barber?”

  1. Mark says:

    Tell them how you want your hair cut. Take the hearing aid out while you are getting your hair cut. Put back the hearing aid, Pay and thank the barber for the hair cut,,, Then leave,,, It’s as easy as that.

  2. MissAns says:

    I don’t see any reason not to just tell the barber about the hearing aid and let he or she decide after taking a look. Does it take awhile to replace the aid? If not, try and work out a solution where you will be informed when it should be removed to help symmetry and rather than having someone scream into your ear (not pleasant for others in the shop) just let he or she know to speak into your left ear or tap your shoulder if they have anything to say.

  3. buick says:

    Before the cut begins, tell the barber you have a hearing aid and point it out. Then ask him if he would prefer you remove it for the duration of the cut. Mention that he will have to talk quite loudly if he needs to communicate with you while the hearing aid is out.

    Once the cut is done, put the aid back in, say thank you, pay and leave.

    This isn’t rocket science…

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