I need a hearing aid, but most people I know that have one do not wear them. I am apprehensive about it.?

Question by Morgan R: I need a hearing aid, but most people I know that have one do not wear them. I am apprehensive about it.?
They are so expensive. How can I tell which brand is better than others?

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Answer by rob_n_tx2
I have worn hearing aids for years… I have had several brands and different designs… Siemens , Beltone etc..In the ear, In the Canal…and etc I was never a very happy with any of them.. However, about a year ago I purchased a pair of hearing aids that are the best I have ever had… and are more like normal hearing than any I have ever had..This is my first behind the ear hearing aids…and Ill tell you now, they work better than the in the ear or in the canal type. I love them.. They are the Phonak with behind the ear design .. They are very small and have a very small clear tube going to my ear.. They are very difficult for any one to notice.. Also, the piece that fits into my ear is just a small round, flexibe little thing with holes in it.. One size fits all. It is better than the plactic molded ear pieces .. The molded ones make your ears feel stopped up.. the ones I have do not create that feeling.. I forget that I have them on most of the time..and I hear great with them… Most hearing aid places will let you try them free of charge for 30 days..I would suggest that…Plus here in Texas even after you purchase hearing aids you have another 60 days to return them for a full refund.. I think that varies from state to state though. The ones I am describing can be programed as soon as you get the test and since they are not fitted to your ear by a mold like deal … you can wear them right out of the shop that day.. .. Just one thing.. I paid $ 5,600.00 for the pair I have.. but after trying many kinds.. these are the best ones I have ever had… well worth the price..Cheap hearing aids dont work very good.. I believe our ears have 24 channels of hearing and the Phonaks like I have are 21 channel hearing aids..most cheap hearing aids have 4-8 channels.. so they cant be programed as close to your hearing loss as the more expensive hearing aids.. plus most expensive hearing aids are digital,……..hope this helps.. if you have any questions or would like more info,please feel free to email me here at yahoo answers.. I accept emails.. best of luck

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