i have complete hearing loss in my left ear?

Question by jimp1174: i have complete hearing loss in my left ear?
i have complete hearing loss in my left ear and i have perfect hearing in my right ear. is there any thing i could do to make it correctable to normal
Just so you know I have had this problem life. I had some surgery done when I was a kid but that didn’t help. What type of specialist should I see?

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Answer by rn_bratt
The most common cause of hearing loss is impacted earwax, this always happens to me :). Put hydrogen peroxide in your ear for 5 minnutes and then use a bulb syringe full of nice warm water to swish those buggers out. If this doesnt work it could be something more seriouse and go see a doctor. However since its unilateral i would try the peroxide. Force a nice stream of water up there but be carefull not to go too far back and hurt your eardrum! hope this helps!

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  1. laila_123nabi says:

    u should get a hearing-aid, it’ll help you

  2. bluecuriosity says:

    Depending on what is damaged, it might be correctable.

    Brain damage from tumor or trauma will likely leave you permanently disabled, however surgery can replace the mechanical parts of your ear to give you some if not all of your hearing back.

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