HTC Wildfire S Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile)

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  1. R. Harding "ReadnDecide" says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    So close to the perfect Smartphone for VMobile, February 28, 2012
    R. Harding “ReadnDecide” (TX USA) –

    This review is from: HTC Wildfire S Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I purchased this phone on Black Friday so I have had about three months with this phone. Overall it is an attractive phone with a good amount to offer, but it has one glaring issue that may be a deal breaker for most.

    PRO: Good screen, bright and clear, detailed and good colors. Small games play nicely (15MB or below). Responsive screen, Android 2.2 OS is great. Youtube play crisp…. Good WiFi, okay 3G…

    CON: 3G can drop in and out even in city leading to your app sticking if internet based (primarily Dallas city area use)*When 3G signal is solid, it works well* … Apps download size larger than on Market… Battery, Memory, User Apps authority

    BIGGEST CON: Internal Memory – Internal Memory is the memory on the phone where ALL your data is stored. All of your SMS, APPs, call history, etc. is stored there. So it’s pretty important to choose a size that will fit your needs. This phone has 150MB total internal Memory… That’s all… Most smartphones have at least 2GB as a norm. Plus in order to download or update anything, the phone requires 25MB to be free, limiting usable memory to 125MB… If you only use VERY few apps and don’t play any complex games like Angry Birds or fruit ninja, then you may be okay.
    > Take also from that that preloaded apps cannot be removed or moved to SD and there isn’t much space available (a bit over half but it fluctuates)… Many preloaded apps update regularly increasing their size… and some are pointless, (like Mail, weak when compared to Gmail and Yahoo apps)…

    >>> Memory fluctuates — It will say low memory, then you’ll go into manage apps and it will show 25MB free… so you go and download something, it’ll say no memory, and this time will show 2MB free…. It’s very unpredictable… I’ve searched internet and appears to be issue with the phone itself…

    <<<< And Yes, there is a MicroSD slot, BUT, none of the preloaded apps can be moved to the SD card and the majority of Market apps won’t let you move them to the SD card… It’s really a toss up and a pain to a) find and app… then b) download it & see if it is moveable to the SD card… Even if the Market says the app is moveable, it doesn’t mean you will on this phone as I found out.

    Now the above issue aside, this phone is great, it’s a good size, the sleek light-weight design is fantastic, good call quality, good OS and pretty good processing… So if apps aren’t your thing, or you just use a couple, then this phone would probably be a five-star in your book… But if you are wanting to use a smartphone to it’s fullest, almost all other smart phones (even the new virgin mobile addition Moto Triumph has 2GB) have at least 2GB which is probably the lowest you should go

    <following are my installed apps and memory, this is the only combo i could work out, (having to clear Data regularly)… The phone fluctuates from stating 15MB free to 250k free… Notice the largest downloaded app is 8.5, if you want an app like angry birds, or if you use facebook a lot, you will have to get less overall apps:
    Pre-loaded: Maps (10.1MB) Books (4.1MB-6MB – updates), Clock (2.6), Mail (6.4 – w/ no accounts, grows exponentially with accounts), Gmail (4.8) FB (2) Twitter (2), Where (1.5) Google (1.2) Weather (1.2) YouTube (.5) VirginLive (.4)
    Downloaded Apps* (With all possible on SD): Words/Friends (8.5MB) Dolphin Browser HD (8.4) Yahoo Msgr (4.6) ChaseBank (2.6) Antivirus (2.4) IMDB (1.7) Live Holdem (1.6) Chess (.7) Sudoku (.6) Jewels Deluxe (.4) Advd Task-Killer (.4) WikiPedia (.2) Solitaire (.2)
    >> Then there’s the OS & Various Framework (40MB+) – across contacts, HTC sense, framework etc)

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  2. Karen Kessler says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    super little phone, January 27, 2012
    Karen Kessler (Kailua Kona, Hawaii) –

    This review is from: HTC Wildfire S Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    After getting out of several 2yr contracts ,I wanted to save money and go with a pay as you go phone. After researching for several months I decided to go with Virgin Mobile, best plans and best smart phones for a no contract phone. I first bought the Motorola Triumph. Since it was the highest priced I thought it would be the best, I liked it but couldnt hear during phone calls,also the person on the other end would say I sounded like I was in a hole. so for $279 and couldnt hear phone callers I took it back. I saw the HTC Wildfire s and it had everything I wanted on a phone. I am very happy with it and should have given it 5 stars, but it is a little on the small side, would have liked it an inch or two larger on the scree,. as for the other person saying it didnt hold much memory ,no it doesnt but it comes with a 2g SDcard. Thats right comes with it. so that solves the memory problem. Guess he didnt read the box. I love this little phone and I have owned the iphones so I know good phones.

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