How to Shop for a Hearing Aid

How to Shop for a Hearing Aid
The first step in buying a hearing aid is to choose a good provider. The best option — as recommended by Consumer Reports — is an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose and throat doctor) who employs an audiologist that fits and dispenses hearing aids.
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Hearing aids are complex, expensive
So with more than 30 million Americans battling hearing loss, just how does one wade through the marketing messages and choose which hearing aid would truly be the best fit? For starters, the most cutting-edge technology isn't always the best choice, …
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Patient Money Buying a Hearing Aid? You've Got a Lot to Learn
That's why choosing an audiologist or hearing aid technician can be just as important as choosing the aid itself. What follows is advice on how to do just that — as well for finding financial help when purchasing hearing aids. SHOP FOR THE PROVIDER.
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