How to get a hearing aid for low cost?

Question by Emma: How to get a hearing aid for low cost?
For the past several years, I have noticed hearing loss, particularly in my left ear. I am fifteen years old, and have managed to get by with my hearing, but over the past month or so, it has been brought to my attention how very poor my hearing is. I’m constantly asking people to repeat themselves, and it is all too often that I fail to hear people speaking to me at all, or hear only mumbling. I can hear speech and the like, but I have to ask for repetition a lot, if not multiple times, and sometimes, I just let it lay and pretend I heard what someone said. (People tend to get a bit irritated when you ask them to repeat themselves.) I also tend to speak a bit loudly, and sometimes get told “not to yell,” though I prefer to be soft-spoken. I hear ringing in my ears a lot (particularly in my left, and particularly when it’s on the quiet side, though I even hear it when it isn’t at times). I’m not often exposed to loud noises.

This has especially been an issue since my father noticed that I don’t always hear him, and the excessive number of times I have to ask for the repetition of something that was said to me. It’s also a strain having to ask so many times, and getting ridiculed for doing so.

My family does not have insurance.

How do I get a hearing aid for low cost? Also, how do I find a good, reasonably-priced audiologist to see?

I’m going to see if my ears are simply clogged and in need of irrigation, but this has been a problem for a long time and the amount of ringing in my ear makes me believe this is doubtful to be the full cause.

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Answer by TheLady
Your parents should look into government assistance for low income families ~ maybe MedicAid.
You may even try looking into a grant for people with hearing difficulties.

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  1. James says:

    The ringing in the ears needs checked by a doctor. Not good. Simple across the board hearing loss just amplifiers. You can buy them cheap and put in your pocket to see if they work. Then for cheapest good hearing aids above the ear ones. From a hearing doctor. They need tuned to your hearing. That is important! Reason above the ear is cheaper is it saves custom molding the case to fit your ear. But see a doctor now! Slow hearing loss is not good and will probably get worse if not treated.

  2. Teddy & Chiliswoman says:

    Sadly this is one of the areas that people help with the least often. The Lions Clubs seem to help often with sensory issues – like hearing.

  3. jasin says:

    I suggest buying your hearing aids online. This place here is very, very good.

    Since your hearing loss is only mild you could probably do fine with almost any kind of hearing aids style; behind the ear, in the canal, etc. Its really personal preference which you get. Unlike with me I am forced to use behind the ear as my hearing loss is total 100%.

    They have a shopping tool for finding hearing aids based on degree of hearing loss and how much you want to spend. I suggest using that.

    If you do not have ear molds you can get the open fit molds. The hearing aids will come with them.

    And the prices on that site might look expensive at $ 300-$ 500 a piece for the cheap ones, but that’s really not expensive if you think about. Because If you go to a hearing aid place they will charge you like $ 1,200.00 per an aid.

    As for the ringing in the ear. I suggest you get a product called lipoflavonoid. You can check it out here. Most stores carry it too, so you do not have to buy it online. That’s the official site though. That product may even clear up your ear enough that you wont need hearing aids, so give that product a try first.

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