How much does a hearing aid cost?

Question by letmeknow738: How much does a hearing aid cost?
I purchased a unit for my Father and I am not complaining about the cost…just wondering if the dealer was compatible?? A Widex Bravissimo Series model Bv-9X…..I searched the web, found manufacturer’s sight..which told me dealers charge different prices…which got me curious???

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Answer by tab2508
about 600.00 and up.

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  1. SOOTY CAT says:

    $ 1000.00, my uncle just got one.

  2. Sarah M says:

    All hearing aid dispensers charge differently depending on their mark-up formula. It’s in your best interest to buy a hearing aid from a licensed audiologist rather than a hearing aid dealer. If a hearing aid costs more through one office than another, it could be justified because the audiologist may include the time/cost for his/her services into the price of the hearing aid. A lot of audiologists offer trial programs as well, so you’re able to return the hearing aid for credit if you’re not satisfied. You can always call around to different audiologists in your area and have them quote you for the same aid. But, if you get a lower quote, remember to ask if the conditions of sale are the same as your current provider (i.e. do they charge for follow-ups or repairs done in the office, do they offer a trial program?) Good luck!

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