how many kinds of hearing aids are there?

Question by .:.:.Mizz_undaStood.:.:.: how many kinds of hearing aids are there?
what are they and whats the differences?

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Answer by LetThemHearFoundation
Kinds as in brands, configurations, types?

There are about a dozen or so major international hearing aid manufacturers — Phonak, Oticon, Resound, Siemans, Starkey, TransEar, and Widex immediately pop into my mind. I’m talking about state of the art digitally programmable and digital aids that cost over $ 1000 each, not the $ 29.95 “amplifiers” you can buy at Walgreens.

There are three types of hearing loss — conductive, sensorineural, and mixed. Some HAs are only good for conductive loss (they are called bone conduction aids), others are good for all types

There are 4 different HA configurations — CIC (Completely In Canal), ITC (In The Canal), BTE (Behind The Ear) and then the bone conduction aids which don’t attach to the ear but vibrate sound through the skull

If you ask a more specific question, I can provide you a more specific answer . . .


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