How long will MEPs be if I just have to take an ear test?

Question by James P: How long will MEPs be if I just have to take an ear test?
I already did my physical, duck walk, blood test, hearing, vision etc at MEPs last week. But I was temporarily DQd because I had to get my ears cleaned out.

How long will my MEPS experience be if I just have to get my ears cleaned out and get sworn in?

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Answer by Jack J
if you go directly to ear staion you should get in and out quick. but if u still need to sign contract ull be in for hours. i would just clear ur day n expect worse. welcome to the military……hurry up and wait…..wont be last time u hear that.

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  1. ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ says:

    aw man that sucks, some kid at meps had the same problem lol. he had to wait for like 4 hours till his recruiter came and pick him up!

  2. Alyssa says:

    Question is did you drive yourself there or did your recruiter take you? If you drove yourself, as soon as you’re finished getting your ears checked and [possibly] contracting/picking a job; you’re free to leave. If your recruiter took you then you will leave (when you’re finished of course) with him. If you took the “shuttle” expect to be there all day.

    I went to MEPS when I was joining DEP for the Marines, I was only there to swear in. I didn’t leave until almost 5pm… 2 groups of Marines swore in before me, they made me wait for nothing. THEN I had to wait for the shuttle. Long story short, I left at 6pm. It sucked.

    HURRY UP AND WAIT. =) MEPS is hell.

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